How to Prepare Your Idea For an iPhone App

1. Thinking of an concept to your app

Have your ever heard of iFart? That simple little app simply play the sound of a fart when pressing a button and make greater than $50,000 after a month.

Thinking of an concept is not so difficult, you simply want to make sure if it can pass one of these questions:

Does it make existence better? You find out a trouble and think about an concept to resolve it. That’s without a doubt a precious idea.
Does it have a particular target audience? Working in a particular area of interest offers lower competitions and more possibilities.
Is is a funny one? If your app can make humans snicker, it is able to be the golden one.
Is your app higher than those in the identical category? Find other successful apps that may be more advantageous extra and think about a higher idea.
Does your app require a whole lot interplay? For example: games, utilities… That calls for action from users.
If there may be a “yes”, you could move on to the subsequent step.

2. Get to know the iPhone/iPod Touch UI and studies your competitive apps

Download the top apps in every category and attempt they all to get a experience for what you have to and should not do in your app.

Then discover the similar programs and analyze them. Baixar Feed And Grow Fish Look at what other human beings are doing and do not make the same mistakes.

You must believe how you’ll build your app and make it specific from the similar apps in the market. What makes your app distinct? How to make your app higher than the alternative ones?

Finally, who will use your app? Think about how real-life intersects layout. You can also have an awesome concept, so that you have an excellent target audience. But who’re they in info? What do they want from your app?

For instance, in case your app is a game, perhaps they need to conquer their high scores or perhaps they need more levels of your game which you may replace in later releases…

Three. Sketch your concept on a sheet of paper

What will your app display on the primary display?
How to go from screen A to display screen B to display C?
What are the scale of every elements?
What is the format of your app?
Sketch all of them out. This is important. Imagine to use your app as an stop user even earlier than it’s far evolved. This will help lots when you begin to build your app.

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